So, You Like Smut Do Ya?

Smut Peddling Sam: Just another band ripping off the Who!

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Fuck Matt Good, Here's Smut!

Don't be fooled by imitations, there is only one suburban trash metal punker band: Smut Peddling Sam

Coquitlam's finest, explore the site, learn, love. Check back often as a beautiful, flash infested site is in the works, with all the multi-media funness that you come to expect in the year 2001.


Smut Peddling Sam is getting set to market themselves and need a logo. Can you help them???

Coming Soon...

T-Shirts, Stickers, Posters, Website and a full length Album.


We need a title for our first album. Any Ideas???

Email your titles to the band. If we pick your's then you'll win BIG.

Title ideas go here!

These people are responsible tax-payers:

Getting ready for the show.

BOB: Drums and drinks
Jeremy: Yells and manages
Paul: Guitar and website
Russ: Bass and engineers

Smut Logo

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