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Canadian and loving beaver

Grade 9

Smut Peddling Sam was formed back in the summer of 1999 but in fact has a history with roots stretching back to the year 1994.

Grade 9 was a year that layed down the foundations of todays SPS. Bands like Redrum, Rubermade, Prostitutes Anonymous and Martyr were the inspirations for SPS. It was a time of rock and roll and it seemed that everyone was in a band. Everyone except Jeremy and Chris. But if they were in a band, that band would be called Smut Peddling Sam. Walking home from Montgomery junior high one day, Chris made the comment,

"Wouldn't Smut Peddling Sam be a cool band name? If I was in a band that's what I'd call it."

A Flybanger, not THE flybanger show

A Hot August Night

Fast-forward four years and Chris and Jeremy are all grown up. It was a hot August night and Jar (now Flybanger) was playing at the Starfish Room. Jeremy heads down to the show with pals Drew and Mike and the three drink. And from the drinking Smut Peddling Sam is born. The next day Jeremy buys a second hand guitar with Chris and the two begin to rock in Jeremy's garage.

The Original SPS line-up included:

Jeremy: Guitar and vocals
Chris Wagner: Guitar
Drew Small: Bass
Mike Hazen: Drums

They wrote four songs:

I Ain't Scared of No Bear
Jesus Was A Robot
and Tasty Wheat

However the world would never know the joys these tunes as Smut Peddling Sam disolved in the fall of '99 citing creative differences. It was arounfd this time that Jeremy's guitar broke.

The New Testement

Jeremy enrolled himself into broadcast school. It was there that the creative opression that he felt at school manifested itself in a new song. Jeremy wrote the SPS anthem Pikachu and asked his buddy Paul to write some music for it. Bob was brought in to bang the drums and the trio practised and jammed and had fun. In January 2000, at a party Paul was throwing, Smut Peddling Sam performs Pikachu to rave reviews and three encores. Smut Peddling Sam is reborn.

The three Smutters write and practice and write but alas their is no bass.

Enter Russ

At a Salad Kings (now 10 Ways From Sunday) concert in Coquitlam, Smut Peddling Sam asks Russ to join them on bass. He agrees and plans are put in motion to perform their first show. But is Coquitlam ready for Smut Peddling Sam's unique brand of suburban trash punk?

May 24th 2000 - A Day That Will Live in Infamy

Smut Peddling Sam explodes onto the world at The Dogwood Pavilion in Coquitlam. More shows follow. June 1st, SPS records thier only recording at The Columbia.

September 14th

Smut Peddling Sam performs at The Starfish Room just over one year when a Smut Peddling Sam came into being at The Starfish Room. The show is insane.

October 2000

Smut Peddling Sam steps into the Columbia studios with Gord Bemister to record the Billy Joel cover "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" for a compilation album but the project is shelved and recordings never surface.

SPS continues to perform and has played well over ten shows in Vancouver and beyond including one fatefull show in Peachland.

Smut Peddling Sam went on-line in February of 2001 and some studio recordings on Mindbender Records are due out soon.

Lets meet the band.

The People Who Create the Magic

Bob - Drums
Jeremy - Vocals
Paul - Guitar
Russ - Bass

Bob's hero laying it to those dirty Sens


Bob is the drummer. He plays hockey. Loves Beer. Hates his sister's boyfriends.

"'s funny, you're either pro-abortion and anti-gun or anti-abortion and pro-gun. Either way the population stays the same." - Bob

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Jeremy yells out the vocals and writes some of the music. He is incharge of managment, promotions, bookings and all the fun shit like that. He is like that cute, crazy old person who everyone love but he doesn't piss himself.

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Paul plays guitar and was raised by monks high in the mountains. Paul will one day be in charge of the website and is a UBC student. Paul can out drink the other members of the band save maybe Dave or sometimes Bob. Paul creates some of the music.

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Russ is on bass and engineers our "sound." He is a Capp College Media student. Russ is charge of all the really fun stuff like tuning guitars and fixing strings. He records our shit, mixes it and makes it into MP3s. A real Canadian Hero.

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Hey Dave, do you know this girl?

Interesting Smut Fact

Paul and Jeremy are now Room-mates...and have moved to Burnaby.

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